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Preview Night

14 NOVEMBER 2024

For the fifth time, the Preview Night will take place on the eve of InterClassics Classic Car Show Brussels, on Thursday 14 November 2024. During this exclusive evening, you will dine among the most iconic Maseratis of all time. 110 Years Maserati is the theme of the ninth Classic Car Show Brussels.

The InterClassics Preview Night takes place at the themed pavilion, where you can enjoy high gastronomic level among an eclectic collection of invaluable Maserati’s. Especially for this evening, chef David Martin will prepare a stellar dinner for you and your guests. This in a stunning setting, with appropriate entertainment and TV personality Marléne de Wouters being your hostess.

Surprise your relations and come and enjoy a top-level dinner surrounded by a unique collection of classics. We will ensure an unforgettable evening!

Brussels Expo
14 november 2024
Start time
18:00 h
End time
01:00 h

David Martin**

Chef David Martin is a culinary virtuoso, known for his innovative approach to gastronomy. Hailing from Belgium, Martin’s journey to culinary excellence began at a young age, driven by an insatiable passion for food. After honing his skills in renowned kitchens across Europe, he returned to Brussels to head La Paix’s kitchen. Under his leadership, La Paix has become prominent as one of Brussels’ premier dining destinations, winning prestigious awards and Michelin stars for its inventive cuisine rooted in Belgian tradition with a modern twist. Martin’s culinary creations captivate guests with their bold flavours, meticulous execution and artistic presentation. Besides his culinary talent, Martin is admired for his dedication to showcasing the best local ingredients and supporting sustainable practices. With his tireless pursuit of culinary perfection, Chef David Martin leaves an indelible impression on the culinary world.

110 Years Maserati

Maserati, with a rich 110-year history, is known for manufacturing elegant and high-quality racing cars and luxury vehicles. Symbolic of quality, power and prestige, Maserati has consistently delivered vehicles that exude sophistication and performance. From iconic models like the 3500GT to the timeless MC12, Maserati continues to push boundaries in automotive engineering and design. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Maserati remains a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and passion in the automotive industry.

Maserati has not only impressed with its elegant designs and powerful performance, but has also played an important role in the development of automotive technology. A historic technological fact in Maserati history is the introduction of the first hydraulic brakes in the world of car racing. In 1953, Maserati debuted this innovative braking system on the A6GCS/53, taking a revolutionary step forward in braking performance and safety. These technological advances underline Maserati’s continuous drive for innovation and progress in the automotive industry. Combining technological ingenuity and artistic flair, Maserati remains an icon of Italian craftsmanship and passion, uniting both past and present in its pursuit of perfection.


Don’t want to miss this exclusive evening? Register now for the InterClassics Brussels Preview Night 2024. You can contact the InterClassics team for this.

You can also register for a partnership, paying €2,900 (excluding VAT) for 10 participants. Other forms of partnerships are also negotiable with the project team.

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Tickets InterClassics Brussels Preview Night – 310 EUR excl. VAT
Partnerships InterClassics Brussels Preview Night – 3.000 EUR excl. VAT